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MacDonald Audio is an authorized MIXHITS dealer, a broadband music service featuring 25 music formats including Pop Hits, Pop Country, Classic Rock, Jazz, 8-Track, Power Hits, InVogue, Relax, Hit It, The Coast, Generation X, Pub Grub, Pop Holiday, Jazzy Holiday, Sophisticool, Christian Pop, Mellow Gold, Contemporary Instrumentals, and The Rat Pack. The music is thoroughly researched, edited for family friendly audiences, and flows seamlessly from song to song without announcers.

Why should I pay for music?
In these days of smart phones and iPods, some have chosen to become their own music source and DJ. However, playing music from such sources at a commercial business is against the law, and makes your business subject to music rights fees from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. For most businesses, designating someone as DJ is problematic and gets old after a couple of weeks. Legal ramifications aside, most important is the experience people get when they are in your business or establishment. Most businesses strongly focus on the visual senses; but what about sound?

Is the music from the radio, smart phone, or iPod, congruent with your business?

  • Does it set the desired ambiance?
  • Does the music sometime stop without warning because the CD or other music source runs out?
  • Are customers generally content/satisfied with the music, or are complaints common?
  • Is there disagreement among staff concerning about what kind of music should be playing?

MIXHITS Benefits

  • A one-time solution for all of your music needs.
  • Many available music formats, spanning just about every style and genre imaginable.
  • With both Jazzy Holiday and Pop Holiday, the holiday music will always give you choices.
  • Change channels instantly; select from 25 different music channels.
  • Comprehensive tech support.
  • Control the mood and ambiance of your business environment with the perfect music mix.

MacDonald Audio provides expert installation services by a trained, licensed & insured technician.

Click here for a brochure on MIXHITS Radio which includes a list of benefits, channels and more

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